About NABC

NABC objectives : To address all the issues that concern Bengali in North America and West Bengal, India. To act as a forum for Music, dance, art, artifact, seminars on educational/scientific/medical/Business & next generation.

CAB held the first North-American Bengali conference in 1981. Since then the annual conferences are bring held in different cities every year.

NABC has created a unique place for itself in all Bengali minds and has been recognized as perhaps the most successful cultural endeavor of the last three decades, enchantingly reflecting the rich Bengali tradition in art & cult. Embodying the dynamism of the first generation Bengalis in the USA and their fervent vision for the future, NABC is also a testament to successful organizational management, community service, and financial health. In pure commercial terms, the brand value of NABC at present is undeniable - it has reached an enviable height.

Although the primary focus of NABC so far has been on the cultural aspect of the Bengali experience, ideas are being floated on the need to broaden the focus to include educational and economic and other areas of community interest and concern. There are queries as to whether CAB can be turned into a sustainable organization to advance a broader cause, become a force in the cultural, educational and socio-economic development of the communities in US and India. There is a belief that the NABC platform can be leveraged to initiate a movement of worthy missions consistent with the vision and the mission of the CAB.

CAB has the proud privilege of having partnering organizations for hosting NABC. If your organization is from North America and wants to host NABC, please read details for compliance.

2023: Atlantic City

2022: Las Vegas

2021: Virtual, due to Covid Pandemic
2020: Virtual, due to Covid Pandemic
2019: Baltimore
2018: Atlantic City
2017: San Francisco
2016: New York
2015: Houston
2014: Orlando
2013: Toronto
2012: Las Vegas
2011: Baltimore
2010: Atlantic City
2009: San Jose
2008: Toronto
2007: Detroit
2006: Houston
2005: New York
2004: Baltimore
2003: Long Beach
2002: Atlanta
2001: Boston
2000: Atlantic City & Kolkata
1999: San Francisco
1998: Toronto
1997: Philadelphia
1996: Houston
1995: New York
1994: Chicago
1993: Los Angeles
1992: Toronto
1991: Boston
1990: Maryland
1989: New York
1988: Atlantic City
1987: San Jose
1986: Cleveland
1985: Baltimore
1984: Boston
1983: New York City
1982: New York
1981: New York
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